Achieving future-proof migrant organisations and diversity management in chambers of commerce

Report with training materials and tool analysis developed by EMEN

Migrant entrepreneurs are crucial for the future of an aging Europe. Helping them succeed and grow is an important issue but also a challenge. Migrant entrepreneurs often operate in niche markets and do not have access to the local support networks.  The existing supportive networks do not have enough cultural sensibility, structures and intercultural competences to adapt their services to their needs.

With the objective of closing those gaps, the leader of the EMEN Community of Practice (CoP) 3 UNITEE – the New European Business Confederation, carried out a series of training sessions and tool assessment, in cooperation with EUROCHAMBRES.

This report presents the final training materials tested and readjusted following a human-centre approach that takes into account the direct feedback of the migrant and refugee entrepreneurs who participated in the different trainings, workshops and conferences organised by UNITEE. The course, titled “Achieving future-proof migrant business member organisations” has been tested in a total of 15 learning opportunities carried out by UNITEE during the period 2018 and 2020. A total of 425 participants benefited from such learning experiences. The final presentations can be found in the annexes of the report and are open to anybody on replicating them in similar environments.

The second part of this document presents the results of CoP3 in assessing how to raise awareness and strength diversity management in the chambers of commerce. CoP3 the leaders decided that the option that better fit the members’ needs was the assessment of their competences and further recommendations based on the given results obtained through the application of the InclusiveEntrepreneurship tool. This tool is continuously improved and actualized by the European Commission and OECD.

A total of 15 Chambers of Commerce (2 from Romania, 1 from Spain, 1 from Cyprus, 1 from Germany, 2 from Sweden, 7 from Italy, 1 from Turkey) answered and sent the inputs generated by the tool to EUROCHAMBERS and UNITEE. The second part of this report summaries such result and propose a set of recommendations in the spirit of mainstreaming diversity management.

To download:

The final version of the two main outcomes developed by the leader of the Community of Practice (CoP) 3 UNITEE – the New European Business Confederation as part of the EMEN (European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network) project, financed in the framework of the COSME programme and in cooperation with EUROCHAMBRES.

D2.23 Final training materials in professionalization & diversity management

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