Corporate Social Responsibility support in times of crisis: the last webinar of the Unlocking Diversity series!

Corporate Social Responsibility support in times of crisis
29th of June 2020
15:00 – 16:30
  • Words of Welcome
  • Input: What is CSR and what are the potentials for the Sector? (Diplomatic Academy Brussels / by  Prof. Nikolay Dentchev)
  • Moderated discussion: Showcasing best practices (Generali “The Human Safety Net”/ Patrick Hoffmann  & CSR-Europe/ Jan Noterdaeme)
  • Workshop: “Preference Matching” and a brief “How to approach corporates”
  • Closing
In the last webinar in a series of four, we want to shed light on the potentials of collaborations between larger corporates that are active in the field of Corporate Social Reasonability (CSR) (respectively Corporate Citizenship) and Business Support Organisations (BSOs) for Migrants and Newcomers.
From an analytic point of view, Business Support Organisations (BSOs) that focus on Start-up support for Migrants and Newcomers have a lot to offer: Corporates can, taken as an example, involve employees as mentors in support programs and like this provide skills-based volunteering to migrant enterprises and effectively support their development. Simultaneously a strategic CSR approach targeting MEs may carry “innovation” back into the company and may also increase their understanding for a potential customer and client-segment.
While there is plenty of potential for synergies, it may be difficult to create a common understanding of the needs & desires of both groups (BSO and Corporates). By the means of this online workshops, we aim to create a market-setting and elaborate on “offers and demands” for potential cooperation of both. The workshop address representatives of BSOs that are active in the support of MEs. The discussions will be enriched by contributions network organization CSR-Europe (tbc.)  and the University of Brussels. Furthermore, the international insurance company Generali will showcase the CSR-program “The Human Saftey Net”.
The workshop will be closed for the public, however, the result will be disseminated in the form of graphic recordings and protocols.

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