The first EMEN webinar is coming!

About the webinars

The EMEN project will organise a series of three webinars on the three main aspects of business development: financial, human & social capital. The webinars will cover many topics that are relevant to both organizations that provide business support, as well as Migrant Entrepreneurs themselves.

The first Webinar is dedicated is to the omnipresent question of how to finance migrant entrepreneurial endeavours, and the following sessions will focus on the question of what skills & capacity are needed in order to successfully develop a business as well as what may be the (untapped) potential of networks for Migrant Entrepreneurs.

The first webinar: “Access to Finance: Let migrants do it themselves”

23rd of October 2019, 5-6 PM

This first webinar is focused on the theme of “Access to Finance” for migrant entrepreneurs. It wishes to highlight both insights from academia as well as the practitioner’s in the field of supporting migrant entrepreneurs.



  1. Intro, Dahy Mohamed Ahmed (Social Impact): Presenting the EMEN project and the activities of the Communities of practices 1 and 2
  2. Setting the framework: Access to finance for migrants entrepreneurs, Klaas Molenaar (THUAS FINE)
  3. Finance for Migrant Entrepreneurs, Sylvie Feindt (KIZ SINNOVA)
  4. Showcasing a Migrant Entrepreneur, Beslan Kabartai: Presenting Freudy UG
  5. Panel Discussion + Q&A

Join us!

Contact and more info

Moritz Blanke, Social Impact

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