The EMEN webinar series: what a journey!

By Moritz Blanke, Social Impact

We came a long way since we started our EMEN Webinar series, organised by Social Impact. From the end of October to mid-December – by organizing a series of four webinars – we provided an interactive platform of discursive exchange for professionals that work in the field. Like this, we addressed topics that are relevant to the European migrant entrepreneurial sector. As a side note, also considering the relative niche existence of many of our sector’s discourses, we are proud of reaching-out to around 60 practitioners and that we gave the word to more than a dozen speakers.

Furthermore, this webinar-journey bears many learnings for all Partners involved: The format “webinar” deems very effectively to reach out to EMEN’s target group. The challenges of network-building are manifold. While a network must provide a clear benefit to its members, networking is also in competition with the other daily work-related pressures that are around all of us. Particularly in the context of EMEN, having long geographical distances, the webinars proved to be a low-threshold offer to get together with existing contacts and to invite new potential stakeholders.

Have you missed the EMEN webinars? No problem, you can re-watch them by clicking HERE!

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