The second EMEN webinar is approaching!

About the webinars

The EMEN project will organise a series of three webinars on the three main aspects of business development: financial, human & social capital. The webinars will cover many topics that are relevant to both organizations that provide business support, as well as Migrant Entrepreneurs themselves.

The second EMEN webinar: “Capacity building for better Migrant Entrepreneurship Support: The learnings of Social Impact’s most comprehensive migrant Startup program Start-Hope@Home”

In our second EMEN Webinar we want to take a critical look at Social Impact‘s largest entrepreneurship support program “Start-Hope@Home”. Starting in 2018 and embedded in the broader European political discourse around equipping migrants and refugees with entrepreneurial education in the context of returning to their countries of origin, the implementation of the program represents a great learning field for migrant-oriented business support organisations across Europe.
During our one-hour webinar we will first provide you with a framework that allows a theoretical lens on “capacity building” for migrant entrepreneurship support organisations. Adding-on we introduce the program’s approach and will critically analyse organisational learnings of setting-up a transnational migrant entrepreneurship program at large scale. Furthermore, we will look at the contents and didactical approaches applied in the training of the beneficiaries. During the discussion there will be sufficient room to exchange with webinar participants.



1) Words of Welcome, Mohamed Dahy Ahmed

2) Introduction into “Start-Hope@Home”, Mohamed Dahy Ahmed

3) “Organisational learnings” of setting-up Start-Hope@Home and Conceptualising “Capacity Building for Migrant Business Support Organisations”, Thorsten Jahnke

4) A critical perspective on coaching in the framework Start-Hope@Home, Maha Alusi

5) Discussion

Join us!

The speakers

  • Mohamend Dahy Ahmed: As a Global Manager Dahy is responsible for setting up the linkages with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in the program’s various partner countries. Furthermore – as an egyptian decent and entrepreneur himself – he is the perfect moderator for our EMEN-Webinar series.
  • Thorsten Jahnke: Thorsten is Co-founder of Social Impact and Master-Coach in the framework of the Start-Hope@Home. He is certainly one of the pioneers of Social Entrepreneurship in Germany and like this supported hundreds of Inclusive Business in their founding process.
  • Maha Alusi: Is one of the external coaches that work with our Berlin-based beneficiaries of the Start-Hope@Home on a daily base. With her long-standing experience she does not only make an impact by building capacities of the cochees but she is helping to iterate the SHH-Coaching process at large.

Contact and more info

Moritz Blanke, Social Impact

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